Maths Standard: Internal Assessments: 7 Excellent SL IAs for the International Baccalaureate

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This collection of excellent, high-scoring Internal Assessments was compiled specifically with the IB student in mind. Alongside 7 examples of exemplary Mathematics SL Internal Assessments, an extensive introduction to IAs provide International Baccalaureate students with tips, resources, and ideas to help students maximize their marks on the portfolio. Sections include:

- Structure: how to plan your Math IA the ideal way

- Ideas: an exhaustive list of excellent sources and inspirational websites

- Assessment: maximizing your marks with one eye on the grading criterion

- Technology: which tools can be used to improve your IA

The majority of the book is packed with outstanding lAs - all of which have scored among the highest marks when assessed and moderated. You will be able to see what an excellent assessment looks like and how you can achieve a similar result.

EIB Education (Elite IB Tutors) are a globally recognized authority in the International Baccalaureate. Having supported 1,000s of students across 40 countries in the past 7 years, EIB support students, families and schools through the entire IB journey. Key EIB staff have worked on the writing of this book.

Collaborating Authors

Rafael Bailo is currently pursuing his PhD in Mathematics at Imperial College London, where he is President of the Mathematical Society. He scored 42 points in the IB, a 7 in HL Mathematics, and an A in his Maths Extended Essay. As one of Elite IB’s most experienced and trusted tutors, he easily communicates his own love for Maths to students to help them achieve their very best.

Tim Newell is an enormously in-demand EIB Maths tutor, who has over ten years teaching experience in both state and independent sectors. Tim is also an extensively experienced private tutor and is an EIB Professional tutor and Online Guru, whose students comment on his 'lovely disposition and infinite patience.' Tim's IB success ranges from individual students to a class of 12, each achieving at least a six in their final exams.

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