How to Write an IB History Essay: The Safe Hands Approach

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How to write an IB History Essay: The Safe Hands Approach is for students studying IB History at either Higher or Standard Levels, at any point in the course. The Safe Hands Approach is a series of simple, effective techniques that are guaranteed to improve your essay writing. This book is all about skills and their application: it doesn't matter which period or topics you are studying, the principles outlined in the book will apply to you. The book is collaborative: a teacher explains the techniques and an IB student provides both insight as to how the approach helps and annotated sample work. Your essay writing confidence and ability will improve if you adopt the Safe Hands Approach. "The approach gives you a way of safely knowing that, given any question, you can write a solid, convincing, and ultimately successful IB History essay." (Lorenzo Brewer, IB History Student) Joe Thomas studied History at Oxford as an undergraduate and has spent the last thirteen years in education including almost a decade's worth of experience in the IB as teacher, coordinator and examiner. He has an MA in History from the University of Oxford, an MA with distinction in Creative Writing and Literature, is a PhD researcher at the University of London, and runs an academic consultancy. Lorenzo Brewer studied with Joe for eight months in the lead up to his IB examinations in 2013. He achieved a 7 in History at Higher Level.

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